About Western Extralite

About Us

Founded in 1938, Western Extralite has grown from distributing a single product, the Extralite lamp, to stocking a $7+ million inventory that includes more than 13,000 electrical and datacomm products. In our third generation of family ownership and management, we remain committed to our traditions of quality, competence and integrity.

As a full-line, full-service distributor of electrical and datacomm products, Western Extralite offers you on-demand access to a comprehensive range of the industry's most reliable products. Whether you are an electrical contractor, a datacomm specialist, an MRO or a plant manager, Western Extralite stocks the electrical and datacomm products you need — and delivers your orders accurately and on time, every time.

Each Western Extralite representative brings critical skills, experience and training to the job. You can count on fast, helpful answers to your technical questions and knowledgable guidance for product selection. Leading edge technology for information and inventory management enables us to serve you accurately and responsively - because we know doing the job right and staying on schedule drives your success.

Mission Statement

Our customers and employees recognize Western Extralite as the best electrical and datacomm distributor. Our team of quality people delivers exceptional value.

Core Values

  1. Build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers based on integrity.
  2. Attract, develop, retain and empower outstanding employees.
  3. Create profit for our customers, vendors and our company.
  4. Meet our obligations
  5. Focus on essential work. Work hard.
  6. Deliver exceptional service, using quality systems.
  7. Unwavering commitment to excellence, always seek innovative solutions.
  8. Share information, share profits, share with the community.
  9. Treat each other with respect, seek win/win outcomes and promote open communication.
  10. Have a lot of fun.

Company History

Ludwig and Anne Isenberg
Ludwig Isenberg, Anne Isenberg

Ludwig and Anne Isenberg, started the company one year after they came to America from Europe. They had a single product, a Belgium light bulb, with the brand name "Extralite." The name was derived from the extra light the silvered reflector bulb emitted. The "Extralite" in our company name came from that product, versions of which we sell to this day. The "Western" part of our name was derived from Kansas City being located west of Belgium.


This lamp was the first commercially available inside reflector flood, and its high quality met the needs of our customers in that era. As time passed, our customer base changed from the display departments of retail stores to the electrical contractor and those in the MRO and OEM markets.

Ernest and Vera Isenberg
Vera and Ernest Isenberg

Ludwig and Anne's son, Ernest, and his wife, Vera, assumed leadership of the company in the 1950s. They spearheaded our development into a full-line electrical distributor. The need for quick, quality service exploded, prompting us to expand from one location to the seventeen we have today and to grow from one product to more than 13,000 items in stock.

Ernest and Vera Isenberg John and Tom Isenberg

Today, the third generation of Isenbergs, Tom and John, continue to lead the company their grandparents initiated.

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